.223 Precision Muzzle Brake 1/2x28 TPI - Improve Recoil & Accuracy

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Get your rifle IPSC or Hunting ready, improve your performance and reduce recoil with our .223 Tactical Muzzle Brake.

This piece fits any rifle with a 1/2x28 thread and is made from tough 416 stainless steel with a strong, wear-resistant blackened finish. This muzzle break cuts down on recoil and helps keep your gun steady, making it easier to hit your target quickly and accurately.

It's simple to put on, looks great, and works even better. Whether shooting for sport or out hunting, this muzzle brake makes shooting smoother and helps you shoot better.

Key Features:

  • Less Recoil: Significantly diminishes recoil, allowing for more accurate, controlled shots.
  • Steadier Follow-Up Shots: Keeps your gun from moving up when you fire, so you can aim faster after each shot.
  • Quick Setup: Attaches easily with the included locking nut to any .223/5.56 rifle with a 1/2x28 thread, no special tools needed. 
  • Strong and Durable: Built to last from high-quality 416SS and featuring a superior Quench Polish Quench (QPQ) coating, significantly enhancing wear and corrosion resistance and adds a sleek, & durable professional black finish to your rifle. 

Perfect for anyone using an AR-15, .223 or similar rifles, this tactical accessory is not just about enhancing the appearance—it’s about upgrading your shooting efficiency. It stands as a testament to reliability and precision engineering.

Quality assured

Each piece is precision engineered and manufactured with strict tolerance standards and extensive quality assurance. This ensures you the shooter get a reliable product delivering consistent performance round after round, match after match. Please note anodized colours may vary slightly between batches


With variations in manufacturing and the use of aftermarket accessories we are unable to guarantee compatibility with all parts. In some instances parts may require custom fitting. We always suggest the use of a competent gunsmith if this is necessary, please contact us if you have any questions before modifying parts. Modified or altered parts cannot be returned for refund.

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